4 Keys to improving the culture of your digital marketing agency

Organisational culture can make or break your digital marketing agency, just as it can with a whole range of businesses. As a result, here we highlight some of the easiest ways to improve the organisational culture of your digital marketing agency.


1. Be more transparent

Creating and fostering trust is one of the easiest ways to improve the organisational culture of your digital marketing agency. One of the best ways to build trust is to be more transparent in your workflows – are you still using Microsoft Excel for workflows? Whether it’s management or entry-level marketing staff, operational workflows must be plainly visible helps to instill this trust and remind everyone that they’re all working towards the same goal. It also allows employees to better understand your agency’s future and the direction in which it is heading, allowing them to tailor their work appropriately.


2. Update your communications

If you’re looking to increase your transparency and foster a better culture in the digital marketing agency, you need to start by updating your work communications tools and channels. Are you employees stuck using old-fashioned email systems, endlessly being carbon-copied into email chains which they try their best to avoid opening? This isn’t efficient and it causes communication to break down quickly. Consider investing in apps and software which allow your employees to talk to one another easily and intuitively. “Slack” is an app which many agencies now use for this.

You may also consider implementing a learning management system (LMS) to help training staff in the onboarding process, so that they can learn how to effectively use these tools and apps.

See: 4 Ways to Create a Successful Onboarding Program


3. Reward those who deserve it

It has been proven that companies which recognise and reward their good employees have much lower turnover rates than those who don’t. The next time one of your workers implements a really successful campaign with tonnes of engagement, why not recognize and/or reward them for it? Employees hate to feel underappreciated, especially if they work really hard and produce great things for a company, so recognising achievement can help to boost employee morale exponentially.

In my experience, utilising a staff rewards & recognition software has made this process a lot simpler, and you can “gamify” peer to peer recognition to spread this culture throughout your organisation


4. Promote employee autonomy

There’s nothing worse than being micromanaged, whether you’re in a digital marketing agency or an SEO service provider. Micromanaging your employees is going to see moral decline over time, so it’s best to promote higher levels of employee autonomy when you think that they are ready for it. The more you encourage your team to work independently, the more you’ll also be able to separate the “boys from the men” if you will. Do you have a rockstar employee among your ranks who has amazing ideas for successful campaigns? You’ll never know if you don’t give them some independence.

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