4 Fall maintenance projects to help your business succeed

When you own a business, the to-do list seems to grow every day. One way you can organize these tasks is to create several lists. One of the most helpful ways to break up maintenance chores is to create seasonal categories for the stuff you know you need to do.


Go through Files, Boxes, and Storage

Just like you might spring clean your house, your business needs a cleaning each spring and fall. In autumn, clean everything out, sweep, and disinfect the space. While pulling items out, put them in three piles to donate, keep, and throw away. Choose how to organize what is left, and re-purpose old storage and supplement with new containers to get your office as efficient as you can. This tip is especially helpful for companies with a busy holiday season.


Clean Your Business from Top to Bottom

To keep your company running on all cylinders, a germ-free environment is critical. Flu bugs and cold germs will spread quickly with drafts, dirty equipment, and dusty vents. To switch from summer to winter, you will want to clean and cover your commercial air conditioners and check out furnaces. You can do a quick check to look for wear and tear while you are cleaning your system. Put new filters in your furnace and have someone vacuum the office vents before you turn the system on for the first time.


Check the Exterior for Necessary Repairs and Hazards

When you have a warm day that you can use to go outside with a pair of binoculars, use this time to check out the gutters, chimney flashing, the roof for missing or loose shingles, and windows for cracks. Remember to look at sidewalks, paths, and driveways for trip hazards. Inspect the lawn for areas where burglars can hide. Remember to do a night inspection to see if the lighting is sufficient, or if you need new fixtures and additional motion detectors.


Schedule Preventative Maintenance Inspections

When you have everything on your list complete, there is one final step to keep your business running optimally all fall and winter. You will want to call plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing experts to come and do a routine inspection. The professionals often charge a flat fee and will look for any problems that might cause an emergency before spring.

Keeping your business running efficiently is the key to thriving and offering a productive work environment. Your employees may not like cleaning and organizing everything twice a year, but there will be fewer sick days, and you can find things with ease. Getting rid of the old helps you prepare for growth giving you room for new clients, products, and employees.

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