4 easy ways to win at Social Media content next year!

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Snapchat, Reddit…oh my! Oh, and we’re blogging again now, to give your brand a voice and help with SEO numbers. If you’re not social online, you’re not successful offline. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have a checklist of things to do; but while it may seem absolutely overwhelming to come up a with a new post, one every channel, every single day, every single week – I got you!

  1. Editorial content calendar. Using a Google Drive, Dropbox online or another open-source calendar, set a reminder every quarter to spend two hours looking at and roughly scheduling three months ahead. Your calendar should have national holidays, special observances in your industry, social media fun days (#CookieDay), blog post ideas, promotions, events and milestone anniversaries. Each week, take your calendar and spend 2 hours planning the next week’s content. That’s it: 2 hours a week and 2 hours a quarter.
  2. Recycle, reuse, repurpose! One of the saddest thing that exists in our digital media world is the ‘one and done’ mentality. Maybe the video didn’t reach a large audience? Or the quote of the day, even with your paid boost, just didn’t trend? Every news cycle and internet day is different. When you create a new blog post, construct between 3 to 5 additional social media posts with a different angle and schedule each one for the next few months. When you make an infographic to educate your customers on your product process, construct a few #FunFact posts too. 
  3. Do the quotes and inspirational sayings, just do it! With all of the amazing royalty-free image sites and the ease of googling inspirational sayings and quotes, this type of content is always evergreen. 
  4. Use a social media scheduler. If you combine the above three tips with a scheduler (Hootsuite, Loomly, etc), you will absolutely see an increase of interactions and engagements next year. I’m most certainly not saying set it and forget it! But, if you know you have – at a minimum – one post per day, you can hop in and out throughout the day without the dreaded, OMG, it’s almost noon and I haven’t even posted a story yet. Most of the fancy ones that have scheduling and analytics have basic or free plans. As one who hardly ever ‘upgrades,’ I’d say a scheduler is one of those luxuries I’m okay splurging on.

What are some tips and tricks you’ve used this year to upgrade your social media strategy? Are there any new trends or apps you’re looking forward to in the new year? Is there anything you’re happy to see go out with the old??

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