4 Creative Brand Promotion Strategies for Your Next Company Trade Show

Larger companies tend to have the advantage at trade shows. Bigger budgets and more recognition play well in their favor. You have to compete against them to become a major player. Here are some strategies you can employ to be the hit at your next trade show.

Advertise Your Presence

Start your campaign early. Send out emails and flyers to your current customers. Let them know that you will be attending the trade show. Make your material appear as an invitation. Encourage them to forward this invitation to others that may be interested. You want to generate hype for this trade show. People should want to come and see what you have to offer. The more people that are excited to see you can spark other people’s interest. Use social media to your advantage. This is a great form of free advertising. Hand out flyers to the customers that are entering the trade show. Encourage them to come and see your booth. Get people talking about you. You want your competitors to wonder what all the excitement is over. Make friends with smaller competitors. They may be willing to talk you up to their customers.

Have Unusual Promotional Material

Every booth gives out something at trade shows. At the end of the day, customers rarely remember where they got these items. Hand out something that is memorable and unique. Pens and bags as giveaways are standard. Come up with something that relates to your business. Have something that will attract a wide range of personalities. You may want to consider several different types of items. Don’t use candy as a draw. This gets old very fast. Give out healthy snacks. Depending on your type of business, the options can vary. For a family show, consider pairing a colorful stuffed animal with their fruit type of food. The point is to be different than your competitors. You want people to remember you after they leave. Stand out from the crowd and be creative.

Create an Intriguing Display

Come up with a display that is flashy. You want it to catch someone’s eye from across the room. Use music to create an atmosphere. Just don’t play it so loud that it turns people off. Consider employing a mascot. This is someone that can roam around the trade show and encourage people to visit your booth. They can also put on a show that will entertain your customers. By using promotional products for businesses, you are advertising yourself as a leader in the marketplace. Use displays to your advantage. Select colors and patterns that are easy to read from a distance. You want people to see your display and want to visit you. They should want to learn more about your company. A trade show is your opportunity to garner new contacts. Set up your booth with flow in mind. This will make people will feel comfortable visiting you.

Pair up with a Cause

Charities and nonprofit organizations may be willing to help you. Select a charity that appeals to you. Advertise that your company supports this organization. Consider adapting your promotional materials to reflect your charity of choice. People are more likely to remember you if you have a gimmick. You want people to believe in your company. They are more likely to consider your products if they think that you’re trustworthy. Image is everything. You want to create buzz around your products. Having people leaving the trade show still talking about you can drive up your business. They are more likely to tell all of their friends about this great company that they saw. The charity and you can both benefit from this partnership.

Trade shows are good opportunities for you to gain recognition. Use these strategies to create the most hype surrounding your business.

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