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4 Common Business Building Design Flaws That Hinder Employee Productivity

The design of your office building may be causing more problems than it solves. Flow and workplace productivity is something that benefits the success of your business. Here are some of the ways that your building design may be hindering employee productivity.


Windowless Work Spaces

It was often thought that windows in an office space would prove to be a distraction to your employees. Another school of thought is that only those higher up in the company deserve to have a view. This may be causing your employees to be less happy while at work. Overall unhappiness could be causing your productivity to be in a slump. Being able to see outside can improve the attitude and well-being of your employees. Happy employees are less likely to take sick days and will work harder for you.


Open Floor Plan Concept

Having an open floor plan office was something that was heralded as an improved office environment. It symbolized the breaking down of barriers and a leveling of the playing field. Surveys have shown that having a completely open office floor plan is hindering employee productivity. This is because some employees are proving to a distraction for others. The best solution is to have open areas paired with private or semi-private areas. These would be places in which employees could go when they need some privacy.


Poorly Maintained Spaces

Maintenance issues will always prove to be problematic when it comes to affecting employee productivity. For example, a roof leak could be considered extremely distracting and distressing for your employees. Look into using a commercial roofing services company to help with these types of issues. Another solution to keeping your building maintained is to have monthly or quarterly inspections performed. Any maintenance issues could be addressed at this point.


Basic Breakroom Setup

Many office spaces just have a basic breakroom. This could be causing your employees to feel the need to leave the office during their breaks. Having an inviting breakroom may cut down on the amount of work time lost on a daily basis. Another solution is to provide snacks and other refreshments for your employees. You want them to stay charged up for the workday ahead. It will also help to encourage interoffice communication. Improving productivity means that communication needs to be enhanced.

The flow of a building is an important aspect of any business. Use these tips when you’re considering ways that you can improve the quality of your building.

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