4 Benefits of Investing in SEO Services in 2018

If you’re looking for smart ways to save time, money and resources in the New Year, knowing when and where to delegate is essential. Achieving success as a small business owner is a priority. But when you’re sharing your valuable aptitudes across all boards and trying to tackle jobs that aren’t in your skillset, it’s not uncommon for things to fall by the wayside.

Outsourcing business functions are one of the smartest ways to manage the success of your small business. Investing in the right resources to stay on top of everything and keep organised is vital in this fast-paced world. And with the growing need for content development and websites that are discovered by the right people and major search engines, outsourcing SEO services is a viable solution for savvy business owners. Here are the top reasons why you should consider investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2018:

1. Extends Your Marketing Team

SEO is a much-needed extension of your current marketing team. Because SEO, content marketing and traditional marketing go hand-in-hand, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page. But just because someone has extensive marketing skills, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re skilled in SEO.

The complexities of SEO are undeniable. Best practices change frequently and sometimes dramatically. And unless you have your finger on the pulse or the technical capabilities to execute these changes, it can be detrimental to your marketing strategy, business growth and website. By engaging with a small team of skilled SEO account managers, they become a localised extension of your marketing team. This means they work directly with you – for you – to achieve your marketing goals and help drive success for your small business.

2. Streamlines Your Content Marketing Strategy

While you get to focus on the core of your business, outsourcing SEO services gives you access to a team of skilled writers on the side. But it’s not just about writing great content that helps to propel your marketing strategy and your business forward, it’s the content strategy that’s devised with the rest of your marketing efforts that must be streamlined to be effective.

Handling your digital marketing in-house can make it hard to utilise all key areas. Paid advertising campaigns, ongoing optimisation of your website and putting together a solid content marketing strategy (and sticking to it) takes a lot of time, effort and resources to execute properly. By investing in SEO services, you get to do more with less and use multiple marketing channels with ease, with uninterrupted content production. In-house copywriters that work within SEO companies are attuned to the latest industry updates to ensure your blog and content marketing strategy are updated accordingly and fit with the marketing work you’re doing internally too.

Through their extensive skillsets, you have everything you need to make your marketing strategy successful including whether or not you’re producing the right type of content and targeting the right people, what traffic is attracted to your onsite blog and what keywords you should be utilising.

3. Improves Your Bottom Line

This access to outside insight on your business and specialised skills in both SEO and content marketing are invaluable to small business owners. By encouraging a 2-way communication with a service that acts as an extra part of your internal team, you can boost your bottom line and small business success. Not to mention, the breathing space it gives you to run your business smoothly.

4. SEO is Not Dead

Major search engines like Google are only developing. Thus, the art of SEO is one that will continue to remain effective for a long time. Digital marketing, in any aspect, is a vital function of any successful business. We would be silly not to embrace the evolution of technology and its importance with the way we achieve or business, marketing and branding goals.

As long as you’re focusing on your audience and optimal user experience first, implementing SEO strategies and streamlining your content marketing rewards you with organic traffic and higher positioning in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Big benefits that will help drive your small business into 2018 with a bang!

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