30 Minutes workout for solo-preneurs busy mom

Physical work is essential for the
human body. But most of the people these days are addicted to junk food and
jobs where you will sit most of the day. This is very bad for the functioning
of the body. Exercising in the morning on an empty stomach makes you fit and
active during the whole day.

Why is 30 minutes workout

More calories are burnt when you jog compared to walking. More calories are burnt when you swim compared to slow jogging. The physical work that you are putting to your body by exercising matters and not the duration of it.

Usual 30 minutes workout comprises of
10 minutes of cardio exercises and 20 minutes of workouts. Here are some of the
workouts for busy moms with which they will be active and decisive during the

Towel workout:

Towel workout is used to work out on many areas of the body like arms, abs and overall strengthening of the body. Planks and lunges are about holding in a position for a certain amount of time. Compared to this the sliding planks, lunges, and exercises mentioned below will stress the areas of the body more.

Sliding plank crushes:

1. Come to the position of a pushup.

2. Use paper plates or towel to make
sliding easy and place them beneath the palm.

3. Slide one of the hands forward and
try not to move any other parts of the body

4. Slide the hands back towards the
initial position

5. Do this exercise for 15 reps

Sliding side lunge:

1. Stand with your hands at sides and one leg on a paper plate. (Let’s consider left leg)

2. Now slowly slide the left leg to
the side and raise arms towards the front

3. Slide back to the original
standing position

4. Repeat this exercise for around 30

5. Switch sides and now do this
exercise with right leg

Sliding mountain climbers:

1. You can use towels or paper plates depending on the surface you are exercising on.

2. Use towels for hard surface and
paper plates if you are on a carpet.

3. Get in the position as if you are
about to pushups.

4. Now, pull the left leg forward and
right left backward at the same time.

5. Reverse the procedure i.e now pull
the right-left forward and left leg backward

6. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

Reverse plank heel slide

1. In general, you will hold for a few seconds after lifting hips

2. But here, after lifting the hips,
while holding the position, slide down with legs

3. Come back to normal position

4. Repeat these exercises for 3 sets

5. As said above you can use towels
or paper plates for a smooth slide.

Upper Body Workout:

The above-mentioned towel workouts
are for the lower body. The exercises provided below are good for the upper
body. Initially, one set is good to start. You will experience pain in the
joints of hands or legs but do not stop. This is the indication that your body
is adapting to workouts.

Continue for a week, and from then
on, pains and discomfort will be a thing of the past. As you feel the workouts
easier, do more sets of workouts. Here are the exercises for working out your
upper body. 

Shoulder press:

1. Hold dumbbells on both of your

2. Sit on a bench and make sure you
have proper back support

3. Now raise your arms slowly to the
shoulder height

4. Lower the arms to ears level

5. Again, raise your arms to shoulder
height and lower down to ear level

6. Do this routine for 12 reps and in
initial days, do one set of shoulder press.


1. Lie on your back

2. Fold your legs in support of hips
and slowly start lifting the hips

3. Wait for some time in the posture

4. Lower the hips now

5. Repeat the same procedure for 10

Shoulder shaper:

1. Stand straight with dumbbells
holding with hands

2. Raise your hands front and
continue with going back

3. Now lower your hands to resting

4. Do this exercise for 10 to 15 reps

5. Based on your limit, you can try
dumbbells of 4 to 10 pounds in weight

Note: If you are experiencing severe
pain, try fascial stretch therapy.
It improves body posture, blood circulation, solves the imbalances in joints
and many advantages.


It is always good to do 30 minutes
workout a day rather wish for 1 or 2 hours of workout a day and miss them.
Focusing more on a specific area will strain more and result in pains. Having a
Personal trainer Mississauga
is an added benefit as he/she will guide and prepare a workout sheet. The
exercises should be maintained, and the workout must cover all major areas of
the body. Working out 30 minutes a day in your busy life is worth spending.

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