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3 Ways Your Company’s Locale Can Change How You Do Business

Whether your company is large or small, sinking your roots into a specific community is a great way to improve the community while building your business, as well. Of course, each community brings with it different rules and regulations which you must follow in order to truly be successful. Understanding, in advance, the things that can change from community to community will ensure you put your best foot forward when you open a new location, wherever it happens to be.


Local Tax Code

If nothing is certain except death and taxes, almost as certain, then, is that each community will have different ordinances relating to taxes (and to death, for that matter). Whether it be a specific tax finance district, city-wide taxes, or taxes based on the industry you’re operating in, understanding local tax code can be a bit daunting. If you don’t want to navigate the code alone, hiring a tax attorney can help you avoid tax penalties, later on.



Another important aspect of a specific business location is understanding the local unions that exist which pertain to your business. Whether it be a pipe fitter’s union, a transportation worker’s union, or some other type of union, it’s important to be well-acquainted with the local union chapter and its leadership. Developing a good bond with those in power will help your operations go more smoothly and help ensure that your employees get the compensation they deserve. Also important is to understand the local rules and regulations regarding joining a union, to ensure that you never inhibit your employees from doing something they have a legal right to do.


On a micro level, understanding the current zoning of a piece of property you intend to develop is, obviously, quite important. On a slightly larger level, it’s important to understand the ways in which your city determines how a piece of property is zoned and how that classification can be changed, should you need to do so now or at any time in the future. In many cities, changing how a piece of property is zoned is a fairly straightforward process that only requires the right paperwork to be filed at the correct time. In other cities, however, the process can be much more complicated but should be no less-strictly followed prior to moving forward with construction.

Celebrate Community

After you have navigated all the unique codes and ordinances which pertain to operating a business in the city you’ve chosen, it’s time to appreciate the community for what it is. Opening a location in a specific locale will allow you to be a part of that community and to give back as you’re able. As people increasingly see you as a valuable community member, it’s likely your business will grow, as a result.

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