3 Ways To Gain Focus On Your Business


Working for yourself has its challenges. Being self-employed is not the glitz and glamour our employee friends and family perceive it to be. Everyone experiences pockets of procrastination though sometimes moments become days and weeks of inactivity. If you’re skimming through this post looking for ways to gain focus on your business, keep reading. Now in my sixth year as a solopreneur, I’d like to share 3 ways to gain focus on your business that has worked for me. These methods will also help you grow your brand.


Reorganise the space around you. 

Some may call it writers block, where I call it soloblock: what happens when you’re home alone, looking blankly at the screen in front of you, with no one around to boost your sense of inspiration. Flip the lid and move to draw/cupboard nearest to you. Cue your favourite “get it done” music and gut the space – set the timer on your phone and spend the next 30 minutes ploughing through what stays and what goes. Donate to a local charity or community group. Remind yourself of what you purchased and why.


Read, Share, Inspire

Let’s be honest, reading Facebook when you’re lacking motivation isn’t going to get the cogs turning. Use online sources on LinkedIn or Pocket to find articles of interest or even better, content you can share related to your business. Schedule 30 minutes each day to scouring the internet for sources you can read that stimulate your creative thinking and inspire you to create. More importantly, use your new learnings to take action and do.


Network Your Butt Off, After All It’s YOUR Business

There are many benefits to stepping outside of your comfort zone and mingling with other solopreneurs. Use MeetUp or speak to your local commerce hub to find networking events. You might be surprised how having a conversation with like-minded professionals can build your business brand.

What tips do you have for the business woman who works from home?

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