3 ways small businesses can increase productivity

ahead of the competition in today’s market is not an easy task.
Every business owner knows how hard it is to stay on top of the game.
And they are aware that keeping employees satisfied and productive is
one of the key elements of a successful business. Making small
changes here and there in a right direction will lead you a long way.
Here are some of the ways to increase productivity levels, that you
should implement today:

1. Make
Communication Less Formal

traditional forms of communication, like emails, are usually pretty
slow, as they require you to write lengthier and more formal
messages. Thankfully, with the information revolution, we also got
instant, real-time
. That allows us to message fast with someone in the
real time. There are many programmes that provide you with instant
messages – the most famous ones like facebook, Gmail chat, and
different business-oriented platforms. Using cloud-based messaging
tools, employees will be able to communicate among themselves
(including their managers) even about the smallest of problems. This
will make a lot of difference mostly for remote workers, who usually
lack face-to-face communication with their manager. It will
significantly shorten the amount of time for project completion. Not
to mention that it will save your employees a lot of headaches, as
now they can get in contact with their team to help at any time.

2. Keep
Track Of Stress Levels

to popular belief, stress does not always have to be
counter-productive. Yes, it is still not really a state of being that
you would want to be in for longer periods of time, but it sure can
have benefits sometimes. A study conducted by psychologist Robert
Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson in 1908, shows that stress
(arousal) levels go up with higher levels of productivity. But at the
same time, when the stress level hit a certain point, productivity
levels drop tremendously. Basically, stress is beneficial only when
it hits a certain point. Key is finding where that point is. One of
the ways is to track your employees’ stress levels in different
situations and environments and try to link tasks with it. You should
also analyze the environment they are working in. Start with simple
things – do they have fresh water provided? Maybe some snacks,
other drinks? Are they encouraged to take 5-minute breaks to walk
around and stretch? A study
conducted by The National Institute Of Health showed that an
increased amount of soda and sugary drinks are linked to a higher
level of depression and low performance. However, coffee is found to
be very beneficial to employees’ performance and productivity
levels. Start with changing smaller things, such as getting a Lavazza
office coffee

3. Set Your
Business’es Goals Properly

you present your employees with defined goals that they should aim
to, how do you expect them to actually be getting there and get the
job properly done? It is crucial for an employee to have an
achievable set of goals in front of them, in order to have any
motivation for work. Otherwise, they would just be doing tasks you
may not even need. And even though the goals-list is endless (and it
should be), managers should focus only on the most important tasks
and goals at a time. That way your employees will not feel pressured
and they will have more control over their performance. Managers
should revisit all the tasks and goals after every work weak, and
establish new ones. Having a common set of goals will motivate your
employees to push one another to get to the common target. Remote
jobs could potentially be the problematic area, so it is very
important to communicate goals clearly with your remote
. They usually lack contact with their superiors, and it
is much easier to come to a misunderstanding.

small business’es have no time nor finances to invest a lot in the
things that would benefit them. Luckily for you, these techniques do
not involve much (or any) financial investments. With the support of
your managers, you can start implementing them as soon as now.
Usually, it only requires greater alertness from owners and managers
toward the needs of employees. Do not overlook the power of
productivity. Try different strategies, and after trial and error
period, you will see skyrocketing productivity and success!

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