3 Ways Customer Service Can Generate More Sales

Believe it or not, customer service can make or break your sales margins. When people think of customer service in regards to sales, they often think of telemarketers. However, customer service plays a much larger role in sales and leads generation. Phone time is but one avenue that companies use to engage their customer service representatives in the sales aspect.

Integrating the following tips into your customer service strategy will not only make your team stronger. If consistently implemented, these tips will no doubt help your sales via customer service to flourish.

The Human Element

Before getting into the nitty-gritty technical ways to implement customer service as a sales technique, the first thing we need to consider is the human element. So often when looking at our business models and production quotas we lose sight of the fact that our team members and our target market have one thing in common. We are all human.

When your customer service representatives are interacting with consumers, sales should not be the first thing on their mind – connecting with the person should be their primary goal.

The human connection can be anything from finding a similar interest to quickly educating them on the advantages and disadvantages of your products, or simply by efficiently dealing with the consumer’s problem.

Customer service representatives should be friendly and professional, and both of these traits need to be sincere. This can be expressed through humor, competency, and taking a sincere interest in the consumer’s needs.

The greatest way to foster this in your customer service representatives is to ensure that they recognize the consumer is more important than the quota. This attitude will help your customer service representatives build a real rapport with consumers and give them a sense of ease which will end her and bring more leads into your circle of influence.

Consumer Loyalty

Creating a customer loyalty program is one way that customer service can be implemented.

There are several different ways to promote this.

  • Consumers who leave five-star reviews about their experience can be rewarded with gift cards or certificates.
  • Consumers who repeatedly make purchases can be rewarded with free birthday gifts.
  • Consumers who often times buy gifts for other people can be rewarded with discounts for referring their friends.

There are several different methods which offering giveaways to your most loyal consumers can generate leads and sales from those leads.

Social Media Presence

Another important aspect of customer service in regards to sales is having an active social media presence. Social media is more than just advertising.

Social media is where people go to hang out relax and have fun, but they also enjoy learning something new.

Let’s pretend you are a company that sells Bluetooth headsets. A customer posts on your social media site that their received headset doesn’t work. You could engage this customer with a formal apology, explain that your project manager is looking into the issue, and say that you are sending out a free headset with a gift voucher. This way you turn your customers’ negative experience into a positive one.

You can engage them with interesting blog posts that will teach them new things. Such content shows your consumers that you care about them – you’re not all about selling your products, you want them to learn new things too. You will also get bonus points if your content addresses concerns they might have about your products, and offer solutions, but alternatives too.

This allows you to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

Social media presence can be taken further. Social media is an excellent avenue for businesses to engage on a personal basis with their consumers. This can be done through the comments sections of the content that is created.

Showing your consumers that you are an actual human being and not just a faceless corporation is paramount to building relationships. One of the fastest ways to do this is through humor. Netflix and Taco Bell are notorious for engaging their consumers with hilarious Memes. Netflix especially does this when it comes to negative reviews. Upon receiving negative reviews, however, it is important that you address the concern placed in the review even if you are using humor to do so.

Negative reviews are an excellent way for businesses to gauge whether or not their product or service is performing. Write a formal apology and outline the steps you’ve taken to right the wrong. It is important not just for the customer who feels negatively about it, but for other consumers to see as well. This will help turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Final Thoughts

Engaging consumers with these three tips is an easy way to brand yourself as a helpful and interactive corporation that cares about your consumers and your team members needs. Remembering the human element is absolutely crucial when it comes to using customer service to generate sales.


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