3 ways business owners can make the most out of their day

As a business owner, you’re juggling a million things,
and the to-do list seems never ending.

While some people work best in the morning and
others at night, business owners often don’t have a choice but to toil away at both
ends of the day – and can often struggle to find the time to run personal errands
on top of their workload.

To help, here are three simple ways you can make the most out of your day.

1. Structure your day

Rather than facing a day with scattered
meetings and jobs, try to structure it so you can tick multiple things off your
to-do list at once.

Schedule a meeting over lunch to save
time, for example, and if the meeting is in an area away from your office, see
if there’s anything else you need to do while there, or opt for a phone or
video conference catch up to cut down on travel time.

Using a digital calendar is a great way to keep track of your day and make notes of added jobs you think of while out of the office. Nowadays, you can even sync the calendar on your phone with rideshare apps, to automatically book transport to and from your appointments.

2. Utilise delivery services

While the most common delivery options we
hear of are food-related, there are services available to help busy workers purchase
everyday essentials, which are particularly helpful for those unable to hit the
shops during opening hours.

Supermarkets, including Woolworths
and Coles,
offer both delivery and Click and Collect options for shoppers to purchase
their groceries.

If you’re choosing to have groceries
delivered, you can select an available time listed to fit in with your schedule,
while Click and Collect allows you to choose your preferred collection point and
a notification will be sent to you when the groceries are ready to be picked

As well as groceries, there are also delivery
services for other everyday essentials, including pharmacy products.

The Brisbane-based Tonic app allows
time-strapped business owners to order their prescription medication, and other
over-the-counter pharmacy products, to be delivered at a time and location which
suits them, at home or the office.

A feature of Tonic which has been well
received by busy workers is the option to set up automatic deliveries for prescriptions
with repeats. Scripts are stored in the Tonic app, removing the stress of having
to find the paper prescription and having to make time to head to the pharmacy.
Instead, the medication will automatically arrive and users will be alerted
when their repeats are running low, so they know when they need to book a doctor’s

A pharmacist will also give the Tonic user a call to discuss any risks of side effects and eliminate the need to have a private conversation about health in the middle of a busy pharmacy.

3. Accomplish something in the morning

By ticking something off your to-do list
in the morning, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment before you even start
your work day, and you’ll be motivated to churn through the other tasks on your
agenda once you hit the office.  

This can be something as small as making
your bed or catching up on the news headlines before starting work, or
something bigger, like making a cooked breakfast or going for a run.

Many professionals swear by sticking
with their morning routine to make them feel grounded and ready for a
productive day, so put together tasks which work for you.

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