3 Tips for planning an amazing company retreat

If you have been tasked with the responsibility of planning
a company retreat or another similar type of special corporate event, you
understandably may feel the tremendous weight of this responsibility. Dozens or
even hundreds of people may be counting on you to plan an amazing event.
Management may want to accomplish specific goals from the event, such as
teambuilding or training. You also may have a limited budget to work with and a
fixed timeline that add pressure. While you understandably may feel stressed,
you can employ these tips to more easily plan a successful event for your team.

Think about Entertainment

Corporate event entertainment can vary dramatically
depending on the type of event that you are planning. For example, a
teambuilding event may include a ropes course, so the entertainment would be
the planned group activity led by a hired ropes course coach. A corporate
training event may also feature speeches from paid professionals. Your event
may also include a more lighthearted component for general bonding, so a DJ or
live band may be needed.

Plan Ahead for Food and Drinks

Many corporate events will span across several hours or
more, so serving snacks and drinks or even a full meal or two may be essential.
Setting a menu that is well-suited for all special dietary needs can be
challenging. Consider working with a caterer who has experience in this area
and who is available to accommodate special requests. Before you finalize the
menu, ask all attendees for details about their special dietary needs. The
alternative would be to set a menu independently and to let your team know
ahead of time what will be served. Those with special dietary considerations
may plan ahead based on what will be served.

Consider Group Transportation

In some cases, it makes sense for your team to travel in
small groups together in their private vehicles, but group transportation has
its benefits. For example, with bus charter service, your
entire group can travel together. This means that everyone will arrive safely
and together as a group. There will be no stragglers, and nobody will have to
worry about fighting traffic or finding a parking space. If you intend to use group
transportation, remember to reserve a bus well ahead of your event date.

It is easy to overlook important details when planning a
corporate retreat or another large business event. When you focus your
attention on these points, you can more easily ensure that you cover the bases
and cross off all of the most important items on your event planning to-do

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