3 things I stopped, so I could have more peace

I opened my day by journalling on a story that is super old. I can feel the last layers of their impact are asking for acknowledgement and release as I step into a new season.
In doing this, not only did I sense a maturity of connecting to the message. The awareness was ‘you are nearly done in being trapped by this message’
As I was clearing this story from my archives, I spotted a whole other creature hiding under my radar – covered in anxiety, frustration and disbelief. Then the ‘hey wait a minute’ moment came! Yes It was time to start  digging into this patch and bring it closer to the light.
She’s a juicy one! Many layers and raw points flowed as I wrote about it, around 3 pages. I know I will be unpacking this one for a few more weeks!
(The mantra I use as I journal, is over here on the RX7 Plan – ‘Reset’ on Day 5)
What are the ‘ouch’ stories in your life? How complex or painful you believe them to be? How are they impacting on your peace levels for your everyday? They are sitting there disturbing your comfort amongst  daily routines, as they influence from deep in your subconscious.
I’ve discovered the more peace I am willing to embrace, that my barometer of joy rises higher.
Imagine this as a river, I am looking out for ways to go with the current rather than turning my boat against that power and attempting to head upstream.
Prioritising more peace, my manifesting power increases, and my sense of prosperity elevates.
Performing ‘upstream actions’ I saw time and time again just added unnecessary difficulty to situations, and as a result, it lowered the level of peace I felt.
I am now tuning in, ‘connecting my dots’ to the actions, thoughts, beliefs, which are taking me upstream or downstream
After that, there was this WOW… to give up the idea that it was going to be hard to ‘turn my boat around’ and come to the realisation if I let go of the oars, (the control) the stream gently directs you into its flow
There is a long list, here are 3 significant upstreams I identified and redirected…

Racing the Clock

Feeling I was running out of time, that every month was a new month with bigger expectations from my organisation, my team. That I had attached my value to the results of each 30 Day cycle! When you lead the way and take new ground you thrive in nailing another record target.
This meant I was making less time for my personal interests. Building a business is exciting, and intoxicating at times. Believing I had to be ‘on’ for long, long hours each day, everyday in lieu of allowing a more harmonious timetable was huge.
I smashed head onto this one season, waking into a state of exhaustion and being disillusioned to operating on push energy than drawing in with ease and grace.
Prioritising playtime, was liberating and resupplied my imagination and the experience I could deliver to my customers, team, organisation.

Being responsible for others success!

I can provide them the ‘how to’ steps, recipe cards, and encouragement and even be in their ear each hour for 23 hours a day – building them through belief into a vision for their life
However, only they owned responsibility to connect to the education and implement.
The acceptance of personal autonomy as humans. Even though my desire for them to have the dreams they had a glimpse for was vast, I could only fan the flames, they had to start their own fire.

What others want to think

We each are having a human BEING experience. Accept that each of us are flawed!
I have said and done things I wished I had not – yep!
If it is delivered from you, the source, dripped in blame, shame, anger, bitterness, pain, guilt or violence
know that this will boomerang right back bringing more of that back to your home.
Oh yes I have taken a hit from a few of those over my lifetime.
Then there are the the actions I took, the truth I spoke, that I am VERY ok with. 
That is the space. When you are living with more peace, standing in absolute alignment to your personal values, making decisions and speaking from this energy, it will feel certain and light.
Not everyone will be for you,
Not everyone will agree to your words, actions, or beliefs
Not everyone will be against you either.
My enthusiasm is for more women to have a life, business, career – that is aligned to their soul’s truth. To be open to receiving more peace, more prosperity and more play!
The time you feel overwhelmed and lost around this stuff, just remember that wonderful sea turtle Crush from Nemo! He was perfectly chilled, choosing to ride within the East Australia Current (EAC) to get to his next destination with ease and using wonderful resources available that showed up to support his journey.
Crush would likely remind us that we tumble hard when we fight against the current. It’s a way bigger toll on our energy levels and being completely depleted hurts.


Either our joy or our pain ripples outwards to each person we do life with, let’s choose well.

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