3 Surefire ways to convert your email subscribers

If I had a dollar for every time I heard ‘email marketing is dead’, well I’d invest it in my next email campaign and on average my ROI would be $38. Earning your email subscribers is your first challenge, converting them into customers is the ultimate hurdle.

There are now countless different ways to market to the consumer. Social advertising is cheap as chips, influencer marketing is all the rage and paid advertising is more accessible than ever before. Despite all the advancements in marketing strategy, email arguably remains the most effective channel.

So you’ve built your list of email subscribers and now it’s time to deliver the content that will convert!

It’s all about knowing how to deliver value and how to communicate directly to the hearts and minds of your customers. Here are my top three tips for converting click-throughs into customers. 

  1. Don’t send your subscribers through a maze

There needs to be as few steps as possible between a user clicking your call-to-action button and the point of conversion. Send them directly to a product page or dedicated landing page, if they have to go searching they’re going to give up and you’ll lose the lead.

Know the action you want the email subscriber to take and map out the journey before creating your campaign.


  1. Don’t spray and pray…TEST!

Don’t rely on spray and pray tactics! The way your subscribers convert is going to be entirely unique to your competitors. Don’t just run with what you think works best or what’s ‘working ok’. Create three or more campaign hypotheses and test.

Variants for testing:

  • Button placement
  • Images / gifs
  • Subject line (this one is a biggy!)
  • Offer type and language
  • Countdown timers
  • Sending time

Don’t be fooled by the open rate, look at which variables lead to conversions or order value and refine them from there.

  1. Segment your subscribers

Segmenting your list is the number one sure-fire way to drive serious conversions. You need to understand what stage of the customer journey the subscriber is at. Have they just subscribed but never purchased? Have they bought from you before? What products are they looking at? What did they click on last time you emailed them? Use tools like Google Analytics, your click-through reporting, purchase data and more to help you understand what segments you should create!

Segment types: 

  • Suburb or state: Localised deals, ‘Calling All Melbournian’s / Sydney-Siders / Top Enders’
  • Age: Birthday month specials, zodiac signs, generational content
  • Past Purchase: product category, price range, purchase frequency
  • Content Interest: Do they frequently click-through from emails or read your blog?
  • Changes in Buyers Journey: Customer hasn’t made a purchase in ‘X’ months, they’ve subscribed but never purchased, actively researching your brand through search
  • Cart Abandonment: product-specific content, ”X’ is included in our 20% sale’
  • Brand Loyalists: They have used a referral discount code, very active on social, forward your emails

You’ve likely got a gold mine of opportunity in your email subscriber list, you just don’t know it yet. Focus on delivering tailored content to your audience and making your call-to-action clear.

Mastering email marketing best practice and learning to create and deliver captivating content is key. Milk It Academy has created an eBook, Email Marketing Automation: The Ultimate Guide for Successful Retailers, to help you turn click-throughs into customers. You can download it for free here. 

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