3 Powerful Business Skills that Make Everything Easier

Powerful business skills are learned and practiced many times before they’re ever mastered. Business requires us to have strong leadership skills to stand up and do something different than the crowd. Although some are born with talents such as these, the most powerful business skills are learned. Here are a few of these powerful business skills that will make running a business easier.

Project Planning

Perhaps the most powerful skill we can start with is the skill of planning our projects. We all have a vision, maybe several visions, and there are several steps in bringing a vision into reality. Often times we will have more than one project in the works at a time. Through planning, we get a better grasp on how much time and money each project will cost us and how much we could potentially earn. Your plans are only as effective as they are detailed. For example, a list of phone numbers for employees on a job site in NYC is good for communication. That same phone list, backed up by two way radio rentals in NYC, is better because communication is guaranteed even if cell service is sparse. Regular planning helps remind us of our skill sets, our personal resources, and the bigger picture: our business.


Discipline and focus are necessary parts of following our plan. However, we must also know when to reconstruct the details. Business should be treated as work, so we must work to limit and eliminate our distractions. Common distractions like cell phones, television, and all the world going on outside will keep us from accomplishing our goals if we let them. Learning general management skills like financial management and time management takes great discipline, but they are necessary. We must discipline our time and our money, as they are the most reliable ways of monitoring our success.


We may not understand everything we need to bring our projects to completion. Often times, we need help. We must learn to communicate our needs. If we offer services, we must communicate what we have to offer. Everyone is different; likewise, everyone communicates differently. When we share understanding we can share in the vision, but when we don’t understand we’re not much help. We should learn to delegate and negotiate effectively. Depending on the project, technological equipment like computers or rental radios offered by altechradio.com can better communication between team members. Projects big and small work best when the plan we’ve worked so hard to execute is communicated properly.


Some of the best business skills are quite basic. They are also quite necessary. Having a plan is an obvious step in building our vision, any of our visions, and we need the discipline to carry everything out. We must also actively develop our communication skills by understanding that we can’t do everything. Learning from and accepting help from others may help us get there faster and easier than any other skill we can master.

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