25 Instagram Post Ideas (for when you have nothing to share)

Are you struggling from the post holiday blues?! Monday-itis?! Brain fog?

We can waste so much time trying to think of something to post to our social media at the end of the day, when we’re tired, we have a million other things running through our head, and our creativity has long left us for the night.

So we end up pushing out a post without much purpose and think “that’ll do” – or we give up and don’t post anything, telling ourselves tomorrow we’ll have more ideas. But then we find ourselves stuck in the same situation – again.

First of all, like my students know, having a crystal clear understanding of WHO your target audience are and the content to share for them is key for making the “what the hell do I post” days become fewer and fewer! And instead, you’ll feel more and more inspired and full of ideas when it comes to sharing content for your audience.

But for those days when you’re staring at a blinking cursor with nothing coming to mind – here are 30 post ideas that you can come back to when you need a little bit of inspiration!

1. Share the key points from one of your old blog posts
2. Answer a question people ask you all the time
3. Bust a common misbelief about your industry
4. Share 3 of your favourite tools you use in your biz
5. Tell your community why you started your business
6. Share a before & after using Instagram Carousels!
7. Introduce one of your clients & tell their story
8. Share your plans for the year ahead
9. Do a mini “Year in Review” of the last year
10. Share a screenshot of feedback you’ve received about your work
11. Ask your audience what they would love to know….
12. Then turn what they ask for into helpful posts!
13. Share a photo of your work space
14. Explain a development that is happening in your industry
15. Give a shout out to someone who inspires you
16. Share the best piece of advice you’ve received
17. Let your audience know that you were once in their shoes & share your experience
18. Share 5 tips your audience would find handy
19. Find your most popular post from last year and repurpose it
20. Post a photo of YOU & what you love about your work
21. Explain one of your services & how it works (don’t assume your audience know!)
22. Share your favourite feedback you’ve received about your work
23. Who is a huge support for you in your biz? Give them a shoutout!
24. What did you want to be when you were young?
25. Write a list like this!

… And when you get to number 30 – go back to number 1 and start again!

P.S. Get my Instagram Checklist for MORE strategies!

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Annabel Sullivan