24/7: Tips for the business that never stops

If you want to keep your business running 24/7, it’s important to understand how to have a round-the-clock operation that is both efficient and effective. Since small issues can be magnified when there is no downtime, it’s vital that you constantly evaluate your business’s operations to ensure they are maintaining peak efficiency and quality at all times. Here are a few ways to help your round-the-clock operation run like a well-oiled machine.

Be Ahead of the Game 

One of the downsides of having continuous operations is that there is no daily time set aside during which you can inspect the mechanical equipment that keeps your business humming. If a piece of equipment does break down, it can lead to larger backlogs and longer delays than a traditional business, given the expectation of constant production. That is why it’s so important to purchase the best machinery available, up-front, to ensure that the equipment is durable and that it’s easy to repair when it does break down. Additionally, it’s important to schedule maintenance operations at regular intervals to limit equipment breakdowns even further. 

Hire to the Times 

No matter what type of business you operate, whether something requiring great detail like printed circuit boards, or something requiring slightly less finesse, such as a recycling center, it takes a special type of person to be able to successfully work a graveyard shift. An individual who makes an outstanding first shift employee for your particular industry may struggle as a third shift employee, and vice-versa. When hiring new employees, it’s important to consider both their qualifications to work in your industry and their ability to work in that industry at the time of day they’re interested in. Making your third shift more desirable, like with competitive wages, will attract the best employees to your business.

Maintaining High Quality 

Even the best employees using the best equipment can make mistakes. That’s why it’s vital that you implement multiple levels of quality control so that you can have confidence in the products that leave your facility. Mistakes resulting from employee fatigue, illness, or distraction are typically minor, meaning that they won’t be caught by the employee who made them. By having safeguards in place that allow other people or machines to inspect the work that is being completed, however, you can account for these mistakes and learn from them to improve your processes. You can also take advantage of customer feedback. Making sure customer support is available, accessible, and promptly replies, like companies like Streamline Circuits, will allow your company to learn and grow based on what the public really thinks.

Running a company 24/7 isn’t always easy, but if you keep your quality up and focus on utilizing the best equipment and employees, your company can flourish.

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