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2019 Fitness trends for a healthier new year

If you’re looking to kickstart your exercise routine for a healthier year, 2019 promises to have the most innovative workout trends and technologies likely to get the results you want.

Whether you want to burn the boredom, smash a new set of health goals or find a better way to integrate work and exercise, here are the top fitness trends to try.


Ditch the Repetition

As effective as high-intensity reps are, the same workouts are quick to get repetitive and boring.

HIIT still remains a favourite. However, ditch the repetition with HIIT hybrid classes. These fusion classes combine HIIT with yoga for a workout that keeps things exciting. The combination helps boost your metabolism and strengthens/tones your entire body. It’s also become the hottest way to burn calories, as you’re getting the benefits from both techniques in one routine.

Other ways to overcome repetitive workouts  include mash-up cross training and the use of multi-function equipment. These pieces will also save you time, space and money.


Sustainable Training on the Rise

Sustainable training is a holistic approach to fitness. Instead of focusing on just training, more people are working on the entire process from diet to training equipment. Mindfulness and wellness lifestyles and mindsets also play an important role.

The trend supports increased energy and health benefits. Sustainably produced training equipment, flexible workouts that are easily accessible and learning to focus on the mental side of training have become more significant. There’s also been a shift in consumer behaviour to integrate fitness into everyday life.

Public and home gyms are also becoming eco-friendlier.


Work and Working Out Merge

A core part of the sustainable training trend is ensuring all workers have an opportunity to train, regardless of shift work or work limitations.

Employees know that healthy staff are crucial to profitability.

To cater, some companies are partnering with gyms and personal trainers to encourage corporate fitness. Gyms are also offering packages that are accessible on a flexible basis. Many firms are expected to install equipment to create an exercise space for workers and promote employee wellness.

Larger gyms have started adding additional areas where people can jump on their laptops and work post-sweat. In 2019, it’ll be even easier to squeeze in workouts between meetings.


LIIT Offers a Low Impact Alternative to HIIT

HIIT is hard work. Now, there’s a less-intense workout that’s perfect for low-impact exercising.

LIIT stands for Low-Intensity Interval Training. LIIT or LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State Training) focuses on mostly aerobic exercises for longer sessions at lower intensities. These types of workouts target the fat burning zone and lower cardio zone, which makes them ideal for recovery, fat loss and stress management.

If you’re new to fitness or after slower sessions with results, LIIT or LISS workouts are more focused on slow movements and good form.


Wearables Dominate the Fitness Industry

Smart watches, performance trackers, heart rate monitors and other wearables will remain popular.

Technology continues to fuel exercises, with mobile exercise and nutritionist apps also increasing in fitness tech. Fitness enthusiasts can track key indicators, as well as gather general health data for safer and better tailored training regimes.

Gym and fitness equipment are also adapting to interconnect with mobile exercise apps and wearables.

This provides exercisers with a seamless connection to other members and cardio consoles, adding competition and/or encouragement to your workouts.

Here are the top wearables and mobile exercise apps for 2019.


Sleep Will Get Extra Attention

As wearables get better at tracking sleep, more people will try for more sleep and healthier sleeping patterns.

When your sleep is uncoordinated, workout performance and fitness goals are harder to achieve. Good sleep quality is critical for metabolic function and fine motor control. Fortunately, sleep coaching and meditation apps will fuel better sleep through relaxation.

Ready to tackle your health and fitness goals for the New Year? Let us know which fitness trends you’ll be trying.

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