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20 Podcasts to Inspire Daily Creativity

Have you ever been in a creative rut that you just can’t seem to shake? You’re not alone. Creatives and entrepreneurs alike experience creativity lapses often, it’s part of our nature. And sometimes, our usual breaks and go-to brain boosters aren’t enough to shake that rut. If this happens, try listening to an inspirational podcast.

Since their inception a couple of years back, podcasts have exploded onto the scene. There are over half a million podcasts available to listen to, and 42 percent of the U.S. population has listened to one. That’s because they offer something other forms of entertainment don’t—mobility. You can literally take a podcast with you anywhere, anytime. That’s why it’s an easy, accessible way to enliven your creative juices when you need to hit refresh. There are many benefits to listening to a podcast as well:


  • Enhance Your Imagination

    Podcast listeners tend to simulate mental imagery and be more imaginative in their everyday thoughts.


  • Learn How to Multitask Better

Because you’re often listening while performing another task (working out, typing, cooking, etc), consumers subconsciously learn how to better multitask and balance everyday tasks.


  • Become More Open-Minded

    – There is a diverse array of podcasts available to listen to, and each is from a different host and perspective. They even vary by culture. Listening to these thoughts and ideas from different people allows us to open up to new ideas and discover new things.


  • Boost Creativity

    Podcast listeners tend to be more creative and productive in there every day and work life.

Invaluable created this infographic on inspirational podcasts that help ignite creativity. It features reputable podcasts from all ends of the spectrum—news, business, tech, music, art, design, wellness, and more. Find one that suits your needs, and get to listening! You’ll be surprised how much you learn.

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