12 Rules for Success

These are two of the key steps to creating what you want:
1. Decide on the vision. Articulate what you want to achieve; the more detail the better.
2. Choose the rules you are going to need if you are to achieve point 1 above.


The rules are soooooo important! 

You know what I mean by the rules? In case I’m losing you here, ‘the rules’ are the beliefs you live by. And far too often we live by rules that don’t serve us.

Here are some common unhelpful rules I hear from women:

– I need to be more qualified

– It’s not okay to let people down

– It matters what other people think of me.

– I shouldn’t say how I really feel if it will hurt someone’s feelings

– I need to lose weight before I can do ‘X’.

– I can’t do that.


But here’s the great thing about rules… They’re totally made up!

Which means you can make up new ones anytime you want. It seems so simple! And it is simple. Yet so many of us are living our lives without outdated rules. They are rules that might have been useful to us once upon a time. But now, they’re just holding us back.

Let’s look closer at how this works… Recently I went through rules with one of my coaching clients, let’s call her ‘Shelly’. Shelly is a business owner with big plans. She also had some outdated rules (like the ones listed above) which were not going to assist her to achieve her plans. Rather, her outdated rules were regularly stalling her and preventing her making progress.

We agreed that for homework she’d decide on the rules that were going to guarantee her success in creating the vision she had decided on. She then emailed a copy to me.


These rules are so powerful because living by them will directly impact the results she will get.

Shelly gave me permission to share these rules with you.

So here are (word for word) 12 Rules for Success by a woman just like you:

1. It’s ok to disagree with someone, to have opposing opinions but still get along.

2. It is ok to let people down sometimes, when you need to serve yourself.

3. It’s ok when things don’t all go my way.

4. I have not failed if I don’t meet my own expectations, I have just altered my path.

5. I have not failed when I do not meet the expectations of others, I am just treading a different path to them.

6. No matter what happens I will handle it, I always do.

7. I have leadership qualities and an excellent leader.

8. I have power and assertiveness that serves myself, my team and my family and friends. 

9. I reveal amazing discoveries from leaning into the unknown and taking measured risks

10. This is all an experiment, with no rule book, and no set outcomes. We are just trying different things to see what happens.

11. I already have all the best things in life with me now, anything else is just a bonus.

12. There is a lot of fun and enjoyment through these experiments to be discovered.


What are the rules you will live by to create the life you want?


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