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11 Things You Should Have in Your Backpack When Going For A Road Trip

Road trips are exciting and give you a good break from your routine lifestyle. The thrill of driving around the country with your friends or loved ones would keep your heart throbbing. Before embarking on a trip, you plan the stuff you need to pack, prepare the itinerary, and keep emergency supplies. However, even after careful planning, you might still forget a few essentials.

You need to understand that on a road trip, you might get stranded in the middle of nowhere, with limited access to shops and supplies. This is why you always need to consider all your options before packing your stuff. It is always better to carry little extra things than regret later. Here are 11 things you should have in your backpack when going for a road trip:


Swiss Knife

One of the most important tools you need to keep while going on road trips or other vacations is a Swiss Knife. This sturdy and strong multi-tool can be your savior in more than one way. A Swiss Knife has multiple variants and options but most commonly, you can find tools such as a knife, tweezers, screwdriver, magnifying glass, saw cork opener, bottle opener, nail file, and scissors. Therefore, whether it is to open a champagne bottle at the end of your trip or pick out a tiny filament from your skin, a Swiss Knife would do the trick.


Solar charger

We all live in a digital era and our cameras and phones have batteries that need to be recharged timely. You might not have access to a power outlet everywhere you go, and if you stop by to camp at night, you might need to charge your devices beforehand. That is why always keep a solar charger with you. They can help charge many devices and would not fail you half way.


First Aid Kit

Another important thing you must have on your road trip is a First Aid Kit for emergencies. During your trip, you can suffer from occasional cuts and bruises and would require first aid to mitigate the issues. Make sure you have bandages, anti-allergy medications, and other necessary first aid supplies.


Flash Light

While most commonly overlooked, a flashlight is an important part of any trip. Your car might break down during the night and you would need a flashlight to identify the problem. They can also send SOS signals during times of crisis and emergencies. Always keep a bright and fully powered flashlight with you on your trip. If it runs on disposable batteries, make sure you replace old ones with new batteries. A waterproof and sturdy design would also help.


Power Banks

I know we talked about solar chargers earlier, but you might need just an extra punch when it comes to a full night entertainment. For example, your sound bar would only work for a few hours before needing a charge. During the day, you would have access to infinite amounts of solar energy. However, it is during the night that you would need to rely on stored energy i.e. via power banks. Keep a power bank that can support your phone, laptop, and other essential electronic gadgets.


Water Supply

When going on a long trip, especially camping, you need to ensure that you have enough supply of water and other camping must-haves for the trip. This includes drinking as well as potable water to fulfill all your needs. Of course, you cannot expect to carry water for showers unless you are in a Recreational Vehicle (RV). However, you still need a sufficient amount of water.


Toiletries & Hand Sanitizers

Road trips are meant to be fun and shouldn’t affect your mood in any way. Pack a hand sanitizer and your favorite toiletries to feel fresh and have fun on the journey. Let’s not forget your hygiene and grooming – just because you are on a road trip. For maintaining your hygiene and minimizing water usage, sanitizers are a good choice. A hand sanitizer and your tool of choice, The Bearded Colonel, for unruly hair can go a long way to keeping you fresh during your road trip. Sanitizers come in handy when you need to clean up after munching on food when driving and should be carried at all times. You never know when things get messy!

Waterproof Bags

You never know when the weather turns against you and if you are storing your stuff in a rooftop carrier, then rain can do a considerable amount of damage. Keeping your stuff stored in waterproof bags will save you a lot of damage and trouble on your road trip. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Day Bag

A road trip would likely take you to multiple places and each day would have a different itinerary than the previous one. Essentially, you need to need different accessories and stuff according to your daily plan, which is why you need a day bag to carry a small portion of your stuff with you conveniently. You might have packed a lot for the trip and carrying the entire load everywhere you go would be hectic and tiring. Instead, keep a smaller day bag where you store your things.


Emergency Blanket

You might have kept sufficient clothes and warm clothes for the trip. However, you might not be carrying it with you everywhere. Suppose you stop by to take a small hike but accidentally fall into a freezing pond. In such a case, you would require immediate relief and warmth, which is where an emergency blanket comes in. It is ideal to provide warmth and conveniently fits your pocket.


Matches / Lighter

You never know when you might need to lit up a fire for a good camping experience during your road trip. Keeping a handful of matches or a few lighters would always give your easy access to a fire solution. Whether you want to heat food or light up a campfire; matches would surely come in handy.


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