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10 Traits of an organization every millennial would love working in

There’s a new generation taking over the eight-hour shifts of today’s workforce. These individuals are young, knowledgeable, focused on more than their jobs, in love with a work-life balance, and are extremely different than their predecessors. They are not fine and dandy with being an employee of an organization that only provides a nice and steady paycheck; they desire more than that.

These individuals are called millennials. Millennials are those born between 1981 and 1996, and the qualities they are in search of and attracted to are specific in character and are the exact components to keep them content, interested, and loyal. Below are 10 qualities of an organization that millennials want when they’re on the job hunt.



The good ‘ol 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm shifts are becoming obsolete amongst millennials at every organization. The logic behind an eight hour work day is not as strong when young employees are able to finish their work in nearly half that amount. Flexible hours allow an organization to provide a stellar work-life balance. If one is able to come in at 10 am oppose to 9 pm and leave at 4 pm instead of 5 pm, it will increase their productivity levels and allow flourishing time for other activities and responsibilities. These millennials see value in their lives beyond work and flexible hours is the only option to capitalize on other things.



Whether the world likes it or not, millennials are fast-paced individuals who value their own trajectory just as much as the trajectory of the organization they’re working for. That means they want opportunity. Like most, it can be a mental trainwreck to see years go by, and you’re stuck in the same position with the same pay and responsibilities. Even if the opportunities aren’t given to the individual, just to know that more is available will suffice for millennials. Those who consume the workforce are no longer remaining content with the same positions and pay. They want more, and they need more.



A lot of organizations can’t afford to pay their employees exactly what they should be paid. In return, organizations offer substantial perks to make up for the lack of pay. Organizations offering free gym memberships eliminate a cost for their employees, which is a perk everyone would have absolutely no problem with. These perks can even come in the form of employee welfare. Employee welfare is similar to the function of perks but ultimately different. Employee welfare is a benefits package offered to employees from organizations in addition to their salary in order to show appreciation and boost employee productivity. Organizations will see an astounding amount of productivity if they diversify their benefits and add elements like providing food at workplace, life, health or vehicle insurances, and even arranging seminars where they can have a clear idea about which life insurance is better for them or can compare car insurance types, will make a lot of difference. Such insurances explained to millennials upon hiring would be heavily enticing and will increase their loyalty towards the organization.



Working from home has become a new wave in the workforce and something millennials are having a ball with. Much like the standard limit of work hours per day, hauling your belongings and setting up shop at the office is becoming an old-fashion model. As long as employees have the proper functions to work from the comfort of their own home, there is no logical reason for the primary work responsibilities to be performed in the office unless there are scheduled meetings. Even then, there are several programs to conduct meetings via computers. This option is appealing to millennials and will attract most.



Millennials don’t like secrets and would prefer to be aware of everything happening within the organization. Organizations that are open about the needs, concerns, and future are the best companies to work for. When there is an honest approach, the overall morale of the company is better, the mission gets more support, and employees feel more secure. In several workplaces, there are only a few people who know keen information that everyone should know. This approach only leaves everyone guessing and desiring more information. When everyone is on the same page, the book flows smoother; the unity develops and the functions are all under one umbrella. In shorter words, companies need openness.



One of the most annoying things for millennials in the workforce is the lack of recognition they receive on the hard work they do. Millennials are not like the Baby Boomers; they need validation for it all, and they want to know how they did. This specific generation values the organizations that show appreciation for their employees. That form of appreciation can come in the form of just saying a good job, providing an incentive, or a conversation about additional work given their outstanding work on previous duties. There is are so many options to show a millennial you’re thankful for their contributions and the companies that are doing so, are thriving.



Millennials don’t want to be tied down by their managers; they want freedom. They want freedom of expression, freedom to leave their desk, and freedom to do their job in their own efficient way. This quality improves how millennials feel about their job and even boost their productivity levels.



A humanistic quality that attracts millennials to an organization is the type of people that consume the workplace. Advertising agencies, for example, are filled with creative millennials, which is the way their interest rate from millennials is usually booming.



Whether that fun is going on in the office or after the work day is over, millennials just love a little enjoyment. Some organizations go for a casual happy hour to have a few beers, some put together group entertainment, and some have office fun waiting for their employees. Not many organizations have fun but for those out there that do, millennials will like swarm at the available opportunities.



While some millennials love to quote that money doesn’t matter, it, in fact, does; especially to complement the lifestyle they desire. The good organizations will make sure they’re employees are well compensated.

There are more things that attract millennials than we can imagine but if an organization has these 10 qualities, it will be hard for one to ignore.

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