10 Tips for designing a modern office space

Want to create a modern workspace but unsure where to start? It can be overwhelming with so many different ideas and trends to create a space that is welcoming and productive but with these tips, you can turn your office into the ideal modern workspace.

1. Standing and sitting space
There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about using a standing desk to work – a trend that is now becoming more commonplace. It’s fair to say that most modern offices are including different types of workspaces from standing stations to sofas for more relaxed working.

2. Introduce more natural light
Natural light has been proven to help people feel happier and more productive so dimming the ambient lighting and allowing daylight to flood in could be a welcome boost for everyone. However, you need to make sure that people are not working in glare or blinded by the sun so consider blinds that help people manage the sunshine.

3. Glass partitions
More glass in the workplace means a better light in the office but it isn’t just because of its reflective properties that glass is becoming more popular for use in office spaces – it also allows the creation of smaller rooms without cutting off light and creating partitions.

4. Relocation
Relocation is a huge move but for many businesses, it has proven to be the catalyst for bigger and better things. Moving your office can be just what you need. From modern office space in Derby, a vibrant city if ever there was one, to out-of-the capital relocation, moving your office can be just what you need.

5. Breakout spaces
Open plan workspaces are all well and good but sometimes, you need a smaller, quieter place to really get your head around something. Breakout spaces can be small rooms where people work for a short period of time or spaces where people can get away from the formality of the desk.

6. Open plan
Opinion on open plan offices is divided. Some say it works, others say it is the worst thing for stagnating workflow and productivity. Very much an individual business decision, there are times when one big room of people working towards a common business goal can be the collaborative space you need it to be. On the other hand, it can be a difficult environment to work in.

7. Brand it
This applies to all sizes and shapes of business – no matter what you do, a modern office space is a branded one. From the logo on the wall to branded items on the desk, reminding staff of your branding is no bad thing and is thought to contribute to ‘brand speak’ amongst employees.

8. Mood-enhancing tools
A great office is only as great as the people who work in it and no matter how great the facilities and services, mood-supporting additions are always welcome. And there is nothing better for our mood than working in an office with plants – and every modern workspace is tipped to have plants in the scheme somewhere.

9. Update the furniture
Ergonomically designed furniture that is comfortable and supports people to carry out their activities is welcome in any office, and so many still hold on to items that simply don’t do the job. Consider what your staff really need in order for production to peak.

10. Organisation is key!
And finally, the office landscape has changed so much since the noisy typing pools of yesteryear. The time has come to modernise, but you need to keep organisation as a priority. When it comes to storage, think outside the box (literally!).

With these tips, you should be able to get the right space for your business to thrive and grow.

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