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10 Leadership Skills That Help Your Career

Are leaders born or made? Perhaps it’s both, but if you’re not born to lead you can learn and practice the leadership skills you need to be a great leader. A leader motivates a group of people toward a common goal. So, what does it take to be a great leader?


Why Develop Leadership Skills?

Leadership skills facilitate the ability to make thoughtful decisions about an organization’s goals and objectives. There are many skills successful leaders use to manage a company or team successfully, including communication, motivation, planning, problem-solving, self-discipline,  time management, negotiation, and delegation.


How Do Leadership Skills Help Your Career?

Leadership skills can help you at any stage of your career but are particularly important if you aspire to a managerial position in an organisation. So, if you’re an aspiring leader the following ten leadership skills are essential if you want to advance your career.



The ability to communicate well is an essential skill for any leader. As a result, you’ll need to fine-tune your written and verbal communication skills to be able to connect with, manage and inspire a team.

2. Emotional Intelligence

If you weren’t born with an innate emotional intelligence (EI), the good news is you can learn. That’s because emotional intelligence can be taught through professional development. If you have a high level of EI you are able to recognise and control your emotions and are aware and sensitive towards other peoples’ emotions.

3. Motivation

You’ll need to be self-motivated as a leader. It’s only then that you can truly motivate others to work harder to achieve a common goal. The ability to self-motivate and inspire others is an important leadership quality to achieve (and exceed) organisational goals.

4. Planning & Organisation

A good leader is a great planner. Having the ability to effectively plan and organise is another skill that is essential to any career path. Why? If you’re not able to execute a plan successfully, you won’t reach that common goal!

5. Trustworthiness

There are a number of ways that leaders gain the trust of their team, including trusting their team – trust builds trust! This quality is developed and earned by keeping promises; never over-promise and under-deliver. So, don’t underestimate the importance of trust; it is an essential leadership skill and important to any career path.

6. Problem-Solving

A leader solves problems on a daily and even hourly basis. Being decisive is also essential, as is thinking outside the box. A successful leader learns to deal with problems and develops techniques to manage and solve them. These skills are important at any stage of your career but must be honed if you take on a managerial or leadership position.

7. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the ability to do what needs to be done despite inconvenience or adversity. As a result, most successful leaders have mastered the art of self-discipline through hard work and professional development. If you’re disciplined you’ve already developed an important quality that will help you achieve career goals and take on a leadership position.

8. Take Responsibility

Successful leaders understand that taking or placing blame isn’t productive. It is simply about accepting the situation and finding solutions. As a result of taking responsibility, leaders save time and can focus on getting results, making progress and innovating.

9. Time Management

Managing your time effectively will help you in any career, but this skill is particularly important for leaders. In addition to managing their own time, leaders are responsible for managing a company’s time and resources effectively.

10. Delegation

If you think you can do it all, all of the time, you’ll fail as a leader. This is because a good leader knows when to delegate and when to get it done. If you fall into the habit of micro-managing, you won’t have time for the important stuff.


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