Habits Of Successful People

10 Habits Of Successful People You Need To Know

When you think of successful people a common image comes to mind. They’re that busy person who always seems to be on the go but as if by magic they’re juggling life’s responsibilities with work and happiness. How do they do it? Here are the 10 habits of successful people that you should know so you can join their crew.


1. They focus on their health

You know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are good for you. What you don’t know is how to fit them in with your already busy life. The thing about time is we all have the same amount in a day. Successful people simply make time for their health because they know that having the energy to succeed starts with taking care of yourself. Find a small gap in your schedule and slip in a morning run or evening dance class. Focus on always eating breakfast and filling your diet with good fats, whole grains and the other fuel your body needs.


2. They always get enough sleep

Many of us are quick to pretend we can get by on less sleep so we don’t have to switch off the TV or tell our boss we couldn’t finish our work. But we’re really holding ourselves back from our full potential. Think of your body like a battery that needs charging. Some days a good night’s sleep is enough while other days you’re on 30% by 3 pm and could use a recharge. Instead of telling yourself off for feeling tired, find a way to boost your energy reserves. All you need is access to a cushioned sofa for an afternoon power nap that will refresh your body and mind.


3. They learn from mistakes

We get it; mistakes aren’t fun. No-one likes making them and no-one likes talking them over. But the only way to succeed in the face of a mistake is to learn from it. Pushing it to the back of your mind means you’re more likely to fall into the same traps again. Successful people have learned to embrace failure and often find greater success on the back of their prior errors.


4. They’re problem solvers

Not every mistake is likely to be your downfall. But every mistake is a chance to grow. When faced with minor issues we have two choices; sweep it under the rug and move on or find a solution. The solution may be too late to implement in the first instance but it’ll be highly valuable if this, or a similar, situation arises again.


5. They aren’t arrogant

A side-effect of success is greater self-confidence. Unfortunately, self-confidence and arrogance are two sides of a similar coin. The most successful people remember where they came from and don’t let an arrogant mindset take hold. Knowing enough to do well is not the same as knowing it all. We were all inexperienced or uneducated in our field once and just because you’ve now reached the top doesn’t mean you are infinitely better than those in the middle or bottom.


6. They seek out new perspectives

On a similar note, highly successful people recognize the importance of different perspectives. Perhaps they’ve used the same strategy to run their business for many years and it’s worked well. But the world changes and keeping up is often a case of asking others for help. Whether it’s someone younger who can help you learn new skills or someone who simply disagrees with your ideas; a fresh perspective is always a good thing.


7. They make to-do lists

Prioritising and organization are essential life skills. They’re the difference between meeting all your deadlines and feeling in a whirlwind of tasks with no idea where to begin. Train yourself to keep a daily to-do list and make sure it’s realistic for how much you can achieve in a day. This way you’ll avoid stressing about tasks that don’t have to be done yet and feel a sense of accomplishment each day.


8. They take time off

Recent research estimates that 33.9% of Aussies have their full 4 weeks annual leave under their belt. They’re probably the same people looking longingly at their boss who just came back from an island holiday. The assumption is the less time you take off work, the more you can get done. But the reality is we designate a few weeks off each year because we desperately need it. Working constantly puts you at risk of burnout and actually impedes productivity. Maintaining a strong work-life balance is the secret successful people have been keeping all this time.


9. They spend time outdoors

A spontaneous getaway isn’t the only way to keep stress levels at bay. Spending time in nature is proven to boost well-being and may even ward off depression. It doesn’t have to be a grand escape either. A short stroll in an urban park, well protected from traffic and other city distractions, has just as many benefits as a wander in the hills. Vitamin D is also known to boost your happiness levels. Getting some uninterrupted sunshine daily could be as simple as a cup of tea on your patio furniture in the morning.


10. They don’t let one bad day get them down

We all have bad days; some which can be explained and others which just feel awful. Feeling too intensely the effects of a bad day can mean a spiral of negativity ensues. Successful people have a habit of picking themselves up when they’re feeling down. They keep a host of instant mood boosters in their repertoire from a favorite song to a chocolatey treat.

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