10 Best Online Jobs for Stay-At-Home Mums

The rise of the internet has changed the way people can work. It has made working from home available for millions of people, especially mums. The technology has turned the dream of working at home into reality making it possible for anyone who has access to the internet. For women, working during their pregnancy and throughout the time when their kids still need daily nursing is hard. Not only do they need to cope with the effects of their pregnancy but they also need a different timetable from the normal office worker. Having to leave the workplace also means they lose financially. For many, this is a big dilemma. The solution is to find a job that allows for working at home. Working from home means both being able to earn and take care of their family at the same time.

If this is your situation, and you do have access to the internet, you might be interested to know what kind of jobs are suitable for you. This article will introduce the best 10 jobs for stay-at-home mums. You can choose one of them and start your journey working at home.

1. Start an Amazon FBA Business

If you are good at shopping and searching, the Amazon FBA program is the first one you should consider. This program allows you to have an online store. You can manage your own business, and enjoy the freedom of being around for your family. Our page, How to start an Amazon business will give you some insightful tips. You can find good deals on products either by importing or at the local brick and mortar stores which you can resell on the Amazon platform. You only need to choose the right niche and have them shipped to the Amazon warehouse. Amazon FBA program will free you from warehouse management and the order fulfillment.

If you find a niche, but you know it’s not profitable to get them locally, you may find products on Alibaba, or other platforms. You can also contact a sourcing company to help you find the products. Leelinesourcing is such a company that offers product sourcing service, quality inspection service, and FBA shipping service, etc. You brief them on your product requirement and they will help you source it from China.

2. Start a blog

Blogging is one of the most popular choices among stay-at-home mu

ms. Given its great flexibility and huge earning potentials, it brings bloggers great benefits. You can write a blog when it is convenient. You can schedule it based on your timetable. For instance, you are a new mum; you have to nurse your baby, do the house chores, and take care of your family members. You can arrange your time and start your blog when the baby’s sleeping. You can work at night and the early morning.

Starting a blog requires little of your personal skills. You don’t need to be a techie or a professional writer. Start a blog, get traffic on your website and it can bring you considerable earnings. One of my friends makes over $5000 per month from her blog and it’s only a year old.

3. Data entry

Data entry can be a great work-at-home choice for mums too. The only requirements are that you meet the minimum typing speed and have the right device for the job. Make sure you meet these requirements before you apply for such a job online. If you learn fast and can follow the instructions this is a great option for mums. Data entry is a high demand stay-at-home job. If you are going to engage in it, you have to remember that this job cannot bring you a full-time income. It is, however, a great part-time job to bring in extra income.

4. Drop shipping Business

Drop shipping is a new business model which has grown recently. You can run your online store, but you don’t need to take care of product inventory and the order fulfillment. If you want to have enough time to take care of your family, a drop shipping business could be the one for you. This business model will free you from storing, packaging, or shipping products.

What you have to be engaged in is marketing and getting more and more orders. The only pre-requisites are that you have a good business idea and find a trustworthy product supplier.

If you are running an e-commerce store, this model will save you lots of time. Your products will be shipped directly to the buyer by the drop shipping supplier once you get the order request. You can price your item and have complete control of your profit. If you are curious about it see How to run a profitable drop shipping business in 2019 for more tips.

5. Online Tutor

If you are passionate about teaching or helping others, online tutoring could be the best choice for you. It is the most flexible of work-at-home jobs. You can find many online teaching companies hiring online tutors. There is a huge demand in the market. For instance, both VIPKID and Tutor have these kinds of jobs. Find the appropriate one based on your education background and your expertise. There are different requirements; apply for the positions for which you are suitable, and start online tutoring.

The best part of online tutoring is payment.  Usually, you can earn $14-$22 per hour. Many online tutors can earn about $2000 a month only teaching kids to speak English. You can make your teaching schedule based your timetable when you contract with a company. It saves you from any commute during the daily hustle and bustle and offers great flexibility for your time.

6. Search Engine Evaluator

Your first thought might be that the role of a search engine evaluator must be a technical role. However, the fact is that this job does not require any technical experience. Instead, it is a very flexible and easy work-at-home job.

A search engine evaluator rates the accuracy of results that come up in the search engines. For example, you search something in Google; it will bring you the most relevant results, and you have to rate the results.  Normally, you have to apply for this job online, and take an assessment test before you get hired.  There will be a minimum working hour requirement. It may be 20 hours a week which can depend on the project you are working on. The payment ranges from $10 to $15.

7. General Transcriptionist

Given its flexibility and payment, a general transcriptionist will be a good choice if you have excellent listening skills and a good command of the English language. Normally, you are required to listen to the audio recordings from interviews, lectures, court hearings and type down what you hear in plain text.  Simply, you convert what you hear into text that people can easily read. If you do not have any experience, you can be hired as a general transcriptionist. If you have the required skills, you will find loads of jobs. When it comes to payment, it varies greatly. Remember to thoroughly research who you are going to work with in case of possible scams on the internet.

8. Freelance job

The word“freelancer” is quite popular in the online money making world. For stay-at-home mUms, it’s a great choice as long as you can offer a service or a set of skills to your clients; you can have several different clients.

If you are going to begin your freelancer life, you have several options. You can be a freelance writer for magazines, blogs, media publications, etc. You can write online and work from anywhere. You can be a web designer if you have these skills or training. There are several options for you with high flexibility and income. Besides, you can also go to Upwork where there are a great variety of freelance projects on offer. You can apply for jobs that you know you can do well and start your freelancing career. You can still get a decent payment from the platform if you complete the job with great professionalism and time sense.

9. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, or VA, is a person that offers a wide array of services like social media management, email management, proofreading, editing, internet research, and scheduling meetings, etc. In short, it is an online personal assistant. If you are a task-based person, the virtual assistant role could be the perfect one for you.

Most of the time, the duty of a virtual assistant depends on the client’s requirements and the skills they need. Usually, there is much more non-phone work for a virtual assistant. If you have great organizational and communication skills, it will be easy for you to work for several clients from your home. You will be paid per hour, per task or per day. What you may earn can be $10-$30 per hour depending on your skill and clients.

10. Web Developer

If you have ever learned web development or have web developing experience, you can be a web developer. A web developer is a programmer that specializes in the development of World Wide Web applications. It requires that you have a great command of HTML and CSS knowledge and the ability to write code.  You can build and maintain high traffic websites or develop software. It is a knowledge-based and professional job. Generally, you will have a small test when you apply to this type of job online, and you will be asked several related questions before you are hired.

It will be a smart choice if you enjoy great creativity and the passion for the technicality.  When it comes to income, it could be between $55,000 and $170,000 per year. You can find work on Upwork or Indeed or on other job search platforms for a variety of roles. In this era of info and technology, the web developer is in high demand.

As you can see there are a number of ways for mUms and dads to make money while staying at home and raising children. Hopefully, you can find at least one of them that suits your personality, expertise and your life. This new way of working will help you begin to experience a better living. We hope you can strike a balance between your work-at-home jobs and your daily family chores. Sometimes, it’s hard, but making changes will allow you to experience a different journey in your life during motherhood and make sure that everything is on the right track.



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