10 Advantages of Using the Digital Boards to Advertise Your Business

Are you spending too much money on your restaurant business updating your menus from time to time? Are you printing posters to advertise your business every time you have a new product or an upcoming event? How much are you spending each month on posters and updating menus? Are you looking for a change that will see you go digital and cost you less?. Digital boards are the latest technology advancement in the restaurant industry. Most restaurants have quickly realized the benefits of going digital on their menu boards.  There are many advantages of using this digital board in your business as you will see here.

Advantages of using the digital boards

A digital board attracts the customers more

The digital menu replaces your old printed menus that do not show clear graphics. It shows clear graphics of what the food looks like, thus making people want the food they can see. Take advantage of the animated features to entertain and educate people waiting in the queue or walking by your restaurant. Digital menus are bright, clear and easy to read for everyone, making your signage effective and fun to interact with.

Allows you to edit or update your menus to comply with the healthcare regulations

For restaurants that have 20 or more branches, there is a requirement to show the calories in each food. The digital menus bring in a solution that the restaurant managers have been looking for. You can now change the information on your menu without having to purchase new signage every time.

Quickly and easily update pricing and availability

There is no headache like adjusting prices on a regular basis because that will mean you print out new menus every time. With the digital menus, you can make adjustments easily and quickly when required. No matter what changes come your way, you can easily update them instantly as needed.

Display offers in a season

The digital menu has the ability to display offers from time to time. The high-resolution screen gives the customer a very appetizing preview of the menu compared to the static pictures. The offers are also able to sell out appropriately because the screen makes a better impression than any other form of advertisement.

Saves you time to maintain your menu

You can communicate what is available and not available through your menu conveniently to your customers. Use digital signage software to configure your menus as required. You do not have to pay for the updates since you can easily do them yourself. The one important advantage is that if you update one menu, it automatically updates the rest of your chain or restaurants no matter where they are.

Spend less with a digital menu

Restaurants that have a digital menu will tell you that they no longer spend money on promotions. Once you invest in digital signage, learn how to control the user experience and cut out the middleman. You can then update, adjust or make any changes that you may require.

Automate the display based on time, season or audience

Forget the old hassle of changing the transparent inserts or flipping static boards. The digital menus enable restaurants to automatically schedule when the menus will change based on the time of the day or week. Updates can easily be made to target a certain audience, thus maximizing sales.

Reduce perceived wait time

There is nothing as frustrating as waiting in a queue to get your meal. Getting digital signage helps to distract customers by displaying fun facts, promotional menus, etc. These boards are configurable. Thus, one section of the screen can display the menu while the other section is dedicated to displaying special content to keep your customers less frustrated. The entertainment from these boards will keep your customers coming to you no matter the length of your queue.

Manage your restaurant from anywhere you are

The digital boards allow you to configure, update and monitor how each restaurant is doing regardless of where you are located. The digital menu can be hooked to the POS to generate sales reports in real time, allowing you to get a clear picture of how each store is doing.

Centralize all your operations and eliminate errors

Managers have their work easy now because they can easily access the digital boards from anywhere. They can eliminate any errors, correct misprints as well as monitor the entire system’s content and control what messages are being communicated to the customers.

Maintain brand consistency

Digital boards help the managers ensure that all the branches are on track with the new developments coming on board. They also present high-quality appearance across the boards in all the restaurants that are under the same manger.

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